On the other side…..

So that’s it then – I now have PAOs done on both my hips. Came in to hospital on Monday at 11.15 and went up to surgery I think around 1.30. I walked up to the operating theatre – yes, me, walked. I didn’t do a runner although I will admit my legs went very heavy at one point! Took my posh purple stick with me too.

I then managed to have a chat with the anaesthetist – this was the fifth time I’d been in the room so I decided to confirm that it was in fact the operating theatre – which it is – and not some side room. We talked about the epidural and how I was so worried last time beforehand but can’t now remember a thing about it and he said that was deliberate on his part and he would do the same again this time round (which he did, I can’t tell you anything about it!!).

Worn my self out already! Be back later……….

Woke up in recovery – a place I’ve become familiar with! Felt a bit delicate and sore – when asked what my pain level was on a score of 0 -4 (0 being no pain, 4 being intolerable) I think I replied “same as being hit by a bus”! But that was quickly brought under control – by a nurse called Dawn I seem to remember. I remember that, but I can’t remember all the details. I think when I got in to recovery it was about 6.30, so that was around 5 hours in theatre, then I think I got down to HDU (High Dependency Unit) around 8.30. I know I got a bit snitty being told I’d have to wait an hour for a cup of tea because it had already been two hours – and I got my cuppa! Top tip for anyone going in for this type of surgery – do not order a cheese sandwich beforehand when you’re asked what you’d like to eat after surgery. Grated cheese and an enforced lying position DO NOT WORK! Made the consultant laugh, anyway, when he came to see how I was doing!


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