Hydrotherapy on ice…………

When I got home, there was something of a surprise waiting for me! Gary had been extremely busy whilst I was in the hospital – a couple of years ago we started on an extension at the back of the house and it all kind of ground to a halt when I was diagnosed with dysplasia because I could no longer do anything towards decorating and Gary was running round after me and worn out with work. We were left with a new living room plastered and full of “stuff”.

So imagine how chuffed I was to come home and find fireplace fitted, decorating completed and carpet laid! Well nearly – poor bloke, everything thing that could have gone wrong had done – the fireplace was the wrong size for the fire, the decorating had taken two days longer than promised, the carpet had therefore had to be postponed………..so the first few days I was home it was completed around me by some very apologetic – and friendly – tradesmen. All the same, it is fabulous to have it finished and the Christmas tree looks perfect in there.

Spoke to my parents and my sister – had my Mum in stitches telling her about being asked to take a couple of steps with the walker to the chair and then being told I shouldn’t have been able to do it – she had to pass the phone to Dad!.  Nice to have a good old laugh and a chat with my Mum and Dad – they are  a very long way away.

I got a phone call from the physiotherapy centre (in Waterlooville – highly recommend it), which is where I went before, and set up a first appointment in the hydrotherapy pool. Unfortunately, my physio from last time has moved on >;o( and I miss her, but the new chap is fine, if rather more solemn! He gave me a very long lecture on not overdoing it – as if I look like the rebellious type!!

So we had a half hour session in the pool, much the same as last time – slightly different exercises but they achieve the same thing so not a problem. PS my personal trainer (see previous posts!) has taken note and promised to make sure I a) behave and b) do all my exercises but unfortunately we’ve been felled at the first hurdle. We’ve had snow recently and it’s very icy on the roads so I cancelled my appointment today – I wasn’t comfortable about using crutches on the icy ground and, more of an issue, PS is not the most confident driver and we live at the bottom of Purbrook hill on one side; the physio centre is at the bottom on the other side, so I wasn’t happy asking her to drive.

So I stayed at home and wiggled my foot a lot – do you think that’ll do it?


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