This walking lark is hard work………..

…………almost as difficult as keeping my blog up to date! It is, I apologise, a very long time since I posted but that’s because I have been doing physio exercises from dawn ’til dusk!! Well, sometimes it feels like it! Kept up the hydrotherapy for a month and then started to get some physio exercises I could do (just barely!) on dry land. My new physio continually lectures me on not overdoing it, then gives me enough exercises to keep me occupied on a full-time basis. The trick is to learn when to stop and to listen to your body I find, you don’t have to do wevery single exercise every single time (top tip for anyone else recovering from PAO…..).

Then, at the end of January, I saw the consultant again and was allowed to go to 30% weight-bearing on my left hip (from 10% or less since the operation) for a week, and then to 60% for a week – so basically dropping to one crutch – after which, all being well, I could be full weight-bearing. So I saw the physio at the end of that  and he asked me to walk along the corridor using just the one crutch – no problem – and then without. Very scary, very very scary indeed. But I did it without major mishap and not too noticeable a wobble. I had visions of collapsing on my face in front of the receptionists and all the people in the waiting room but it didn’t happen.

So I came home with yet more exercises and instructions to keep using the one crutch outdoors – i.e. longer distances – but to walk without at home. I also got permission to GO TO THE GYM!!! WOOHOOOOOO_OOOO-OO! – with a very strict programme of activities.

Of course, that was scary too – should I use the crutch to get across the gym car park and up the stairs? Would they send me straight home as an insurance risk? If I walked without a crutch would I fall over as I got in the door? Might the physio be following me to check up on what I was doing? Hah! None of those things – I decided to tough it out and wobble across the car par unaided, drag myself up the stairs by the banisters and smile sweetly at the Membership Manager on reception – who remembered my name, was delighted to see me and told me which trainer had specialist rehab experience. Fitness First Waterlooville, you are fab people!

Back to the physio yesterday who is very pleased with progress but wants me to “keep practising” for another month. The main problem I had, but am working on, is that my quads were really weak so they trembled if I tried to do any sort of squat, but all going well. This left hip seems to be easier than the right, maybe because I’ve been there before and am not so nervous but also the quad muscle is far les painful – for a long time the right felt as if it was catching and shredding.

Back up to see my consultant on Monday, hopefully he will sign me fit to go back to work………..


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