LPAO – here I go!

Well I’ve had the pre-op. checks, blood test, ECG, MRSA and all that over the last couple of weeks and today – is the day I have my left hip done. I absolutely don’t feel ready for it, it’s come round so quickly, and I’m sure I should be doing far more to get ready but I just can’t get as motivated as I did for the last one. I think that actually I’m not so scared, but we’ll see how I do when we leave in just over an hour…………………….!


Date set for LPAO

Went to see Mr. Hussell yesterday to follow up after the arthroscopy. We saw the video – it’s not as bad in there as we thought it might be but it’s still pretty raggedy and inflamed, so he wanted to do PAO sooner rather than later to avoid letting it deteriorate any further. He’d tidied up the cartilage as far as possible, and flushed out all the (ewwwww!) bits and pieces floating around in the joint. We’ve set the date for 29th November – here we go again! Still, as my old mate H says, it’s the last leg!

He also took out the stitches for me so that’s that dealt with. We agreed I didn’t need another appointment to go through the details of the operation as I already know, but I guess there’ll be a pre-op check appointment as before. I suppose I ought to address the smoking again – I did so well before, but then got bored and rebellious sitting around at home and blew it! D’oh!

So, Twickenham for England-South Africa November 27th and then PAO on the 29th.

Gary has been trying to stop me from doing anything since we saw the video, if he had his way I’d be sitting down from now til the end of November! I hope he doesnt overdo it himself, will have to watch that!

PAO r us!

Gary Sept 09

My wonderful Gary

So I waited – and I waited – and eventually they came to take me down to theatre at 6.30pm – by which time I was very hungry and pretty grouchy! The doctor that collected me understood and was very sweet and I WALKED DOWN to theatre! If I read back to my early posts about my (ex?) phobia when I was having CBT and huge amounts of sedation, I’m VERY proud of myself for that! I got on to the bed thing on my own, gave up my dressing gown (cold!) and made sure they only stuck needles in my right hand (I’m left handed) then———gone!

I woke up in the recovery room around 8.30, very very cold. I was given a cover which they blew hot air into – rather like those old hair drying hats that you attached to your hairdryer which you probably won’t remember if you’re under 40 – and that did the trick in no time. Lovely! The consultant came to see me, told me it went well and that my hip, although it had deteriorated (hence all the grief) IS a candidate for PAO – which was fabulous news. I was so hoarse I could hardly speak, so was given sips of water through a straw.

Back in to the room where Gary was waiting cos he’s a star – I thought he might have had enough of me getting grumpy earlier! Nurses came and did checks – one thing we’ve discovered is I have a very slow pulse and low blood pressure – the nurse was surprised I hadn’t fainted when I went to the loo but I felt absolutely fine. Apparently it’s likely to be due to being very fit – yay! All that time at the gym has paid off – I’d noticed on the machines that my pulse never reached the typical value for my age. Then they brought me a pot of tea, and the world was right again!

Slept fitfully through the night – with a 3am wake up for checks – woke early and sweet talked them out of a cup of tea.  (You see a theme here?!). More checks, showered and visit from the consultant. He thought I wouldn’t remember our conversation from the night before but I quoted most of it back to him – how could I forget something as important as that? He’d been and spoken to Gary last night as well, which was considerate of him – he’s that sort of person.

Gary came to pick me up – had to wait for physio and pharmacy before we could go. Physio recognised me from PAO so just said Hi, pharmacy turned up with a prescription for co-codamol – which I hadn’t asked for and didn’t want cos it makes me groggy so we didn’t take it – and then I was out!

Back to see consultant in two weeks to see the video and discuss detail of next moves…………

Sitting waiting for arthroscopy….

Well, it’s fairly apparent from my last post that I’ve been struggling with my left hip – short glimpse of freedom as the right recovered and then the other starts playing up! So eventually, at Gary’s insistence, I contacted my consultant’s secretary to see if I could go back in to see him and she had it arranged within a week for September 20th. (Wonderful woman that she is!)

Gary and I both thought that we might be able to arrange a cortisone injection to help with the pain but, having spoken to my physiotherapist (I think) and found out what a good recovery I’ve made on the right hip, the consultant suggested we move straight ahead and start to investigate the left hip. There is more doubt about its suitability for PAO as it’s basically – more knackered!

So I’m back in the hospital, sitting on my bed because the chairs are too uncomfortable, waiting for an arthroscopy on my left hip. I have my sexy hospital gown, my dressing gown and slippers and a pair of TED stockings which I’ve been given but haven’t put on yet.  Oh and a big marker pen arrow on my left leg! It’s ten past two and I’ve had nothing to eat since six thirty this morning and nothing to drink since eleven and apparently I’m last on the list……….there is a “large” lady having a hip replacement and apparently that makes it take longer! So there you go – keep fit, quicker surgery!

This time last year I was on my way out to New Zealand – admittedly limping along with a cane. Wonder what I’ll be up to this time next year…………….??!


After being discharged by my physio last week, I’ve just spent most of the weekend flat on my back as my left hip is now playing up! When I saw my consultant at the beginning of this month he was really pleased with my recovery after my RPAO but wants to wait until a full year before addressing the left. The left hurt less when I was first diagnosed with dysplasia but looks worse on the CT scan. What are calcium deposits all about? Now, as I get more and more active as the right recovers – it’s been so lovely and “free” getting back up the gym, and my physio reckons mine is the best recovery she’s ever seen after PAO – the left is having none of it! Gone back on the Naproxen today and my other half (who is brilliant and has been incredibly supportive) is suggesting I go back and ask for a cortisone injection on the left. Don’t wanna! Work is manic and relentless which is not helping (although the money’s nice!) Grumble, whinge, moan, groan, complain!!

At least something works!


Well I went to have my eyesight checked yesterday and apparently my eyes are working just fine, so that’s one bit that works, anyway!

Meanwhile, my left hip is playing up more and more – it seems to have got worse since we saw the consultant last week, almost as if it’s in my head. I only wish it were!!!

PAO 6 month check

Well I went in for my six month x-ray and check up yesterday. For some reason I’d got a bit concerned about it, but it turned out I had no reason to worry.

Everybody seemed to be training. The receptionist who booked me in was a new starter and her training seemed to consist of another receptionist calling instructions to her in front of everybody – not very fair I thought – but she did fine.

When I went in for my x-ray, the radiologist was also training up a new starter. She said to her  “have a look at this picture, you will never have seen metal work like this!”.  I asked her what she thought of all my pins and she was very impressed, so I’ve helped to educate one more person about the condition!

The consultant was very pleased with my progress, which is good – I reckon I deserve it after all that hard work on physio exercises and at the gym! You could clearly see on the x-ray that the bone has grown back significantly -where there were gaps, there are no longer. I didn’t get a photograph – sorry. He says I’m 85% there in the healing process and should notice some significant improvement in the next six months. I had thought it was already pretty good and hadn’t realised there was much room for improvement, but I guess you just get used to how things are. We shall, of course, see what happens!

We asked about whether he would remove my pins at some point –  Gary asked if they were countersunk! Apparently they are, or they’re buried in the bone (ewwww) so he’s not expecting to remove them. I know some girls on the Yahoo forum have them removed but I haven’t known any of them have so many screws and they seem to get them taken out if they’re causing problems which mine aren’t.

What else did we ask about? Oh, the left hip has started to play me up more and more now I’m getting more active and when he checked my range of movement in the right he also checked the left. The right is now “normal” (i.e. i can’t do the splits as a party trick any more!) but the left is still excessive. I don’t know, it all seems the same to me, but then I’ve had my version of normal all my life!

We discussed addressing the left  – he is keen that I should give it another six months to allow the right to fully recover before it has to support the right and I agree with that (even though really I’d like it all to be over with tomorrow!), however I did extract a promise from him that, if the left starts to get to a point where I can’t handle it, I can get in touch with him there and then. He also agreed that if I needed NSAIDs (like Naproxen, which I was on before the RPAO) I could now use them, whereas he had not wanted me to take them, or even ibuprofen, whilst the bone was healing.

The other thing we mentioned was the new stem cell therapy that’s been in the news lately and I was re-assured to hear that he wants to try and preserve my hip joint ( I had it in my head that he may suggest replacement on the left since it appears further deteriorated than the right, although it was not as painful at the start of this journey) so you never know, there may come a time some years down the line when I  could go for the new technology rather than the currently expected hip replacement!

So much information!